The Seniors’s Story

We love our precious seniors and value the benefits they bring to Camps!

Our senior horses are invaluable to our program. They are some of our most trusted steeds when it comes to therapeutic riding lessons, as well as the activities we do with younger children. Some of these horses, such as Chance and Lina have been around camp for well over a decade. Some have spent most of their life at Miracle Ranch, while others have come to Miracle Ranch to retire from their previous careers.

These horses are older but are all still healthy and enjoy working and having a purpose. Because of their age, these horses often need a little more care—such as being fed extra grain, being blanketed in the winter, and/or supplements for arthritis. Although these horses work fewer hours than some of our younger horses, we could not run our program without them.

Many of these horses—like Doc, Chief, and Lina—can be seen in our rodeos as lane horses or being ridden in our wrangler drill.

About the Campaign

Our horses need you! Please join our Miracle Horse Club and support a horse of your choice for $35 or more each month.