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Pastors Retreat

Experience a refreshing getaway at our Pastor Retreats, offering spiritual rejuvenation, relaxation, and fellowship in a serene and uplifting environment for ministry leaders.

Pastors need a place to rest and reconnect with God. Whether you’re leading a large ministry or a team of a few dedicated members, we invite you to take time to refuel so you can keep pouring into your ministry. Where can you find this kind of rest? The Lake House at Miracle Ranch. 

A Place for Rest

When was the last time you took a break? As pastors and staff, leading well requires taking time to get away and rest. In fact, taking time to recharge gives you the energy and rejuvenated creativity that you need to do the hard work you do — God even commands rest! CRISTA Camps at Miracle Ranch has a Lake House created to offer a serene environment to have fun and recharge.   

Come and enjoy the Lake House for 1–2 nights, complimentary of CRISTA Camps. Newly renovated, the Lake House boasts a full kitchen, all the linens you need, a Keurig (with coffee, of course!), and two bedrooms. Use this space to plan, get creative, connect with God, experience Miracle Ranch, and simply rest.  

CRiSTA Camps Retreats - Pastor Cabin Living Room

Our Heart for Pastors

We know what it’s like to minister full time and we have a heart to serve pastors. Through the relaxing grounds, fun activities, and carefree atmosphere of Miracle Ranch, we offer space and time for pastoral staff to commune with God in a special way. By offering church leadership a place to rest, we enable pastors to return to their ministry with renewed strength.