CRISTA Camps at Miracle Ranch - Outdoor Education-Boys and girls canoing

Outdoor Education

Experience our immersive outdoor education program that fosters personal growth, environmental stewardship, and hands-on learning through exhilarating adventures in nature.

CRISTA Camps 2023 Outdoor Education Classes

  • History

  • How they Work (physics of the bow and arrow)

  • How to fire properly

  • Parts of a bow and arrow

Agricultural Animal Science
  • Chickens

  • Horses

  • Goats, Sheep, and pigs

  • Boating Safety

  • Parts of a boat/paddle

  • Strokes

  • What is conservation

  • Why does it matter

  • Keystone species

  • How can we help/hurt the planet?

Fire Building
  • Why do we build fires?

  • How do we build fires?

  • Materials and structures

  • Safety

  • Trees (TREEt yourself)

  • Ferns (It’s FERN sure a fun one)

  • Moss/lichen (I LICHEN it a lot)

  • Monocots and dicots (You’ve COT to be there)

  • Forest layers and makeup

Habitats and Ecology
  • What is a habitat?

  • Common habitats and biomes

  • How we help our habitats

  • Trophic levels and keystone species

  • What is navigation?

  • How do compasses and maps help?

  • The four cardinal directions

  • Parts of a compass

Pond/Lake Study
  • Types of aquatic biomes

  • Water cycle

  • Collecting samples

  • Microscopes and microorganisms

Owl Pellets: (additional fee)
  • What are owl pellets?

  • What are we expecting to see

  • Pellet dissection

Rock Climbing
  • Types of climbing

  • Gear and equipment

  • Knots

  • Rock holds

Shelter building
  • Survival skills

  • Materials and their uses

  • Types of shelters

Survival Skills
  • The seven rules of survival

  • How do we gather what we need?

  • Things to avoid (poison, danger, risk)

Team Building
  • Games and challenges

  • Debrief

Wildlife studies
  • Native wildlife (what lives here)

  • How we identify common species

  • Tracks and signs of inhabitants