Ginger’s Story

Ginger is a friend to every camper. Friendly and outgoing, her love for people shows in every interaction!

When Ginger joined the Miracle Ranch herd in 2015, we thought she would be with us for only a short time. Originally, she was going to be part of our riding program for the spring and summer season and then go off to school with a student who was planning on attending an equestrian college. However, when that student decided to go another direction, we quickly said yes to Ginger becoming a long-term member of the four-legged Miracle Ranch staff.

Ginger’s outgoing and curious personality makes her an excellent fit for camp. When our staff are out working in the pasture, she always comes up to them and tries to offer help by nosing around and knocking over whatever tools they have set down on the ground. She is always up for receiving a good scratch, and never seems to tire of meeting new people. Her love for people, combined with her calm personality, makes her an excellent fit for activities such as “horse painting” when our young campers finger-paint our horses.

About the Campaign

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