Brewster’s Story

Brewster is a 20-year-old POA (Pony of the Americas) who has been a member of our herd at Miracle Ranch for nine years. Prior to coming to Miracle Ranch, Brewster was a junior rodeo pony, but he didn’t excel at it. Since coming to the ranch, he has found his niche in taking campers on trail rides and being ridden in both English and western classes. He does have quite the appetite and always tries to snack on a nearby bush whenever possible—even when being ridden!

Brewster has a very smooth trot, so he makes a great first trot horse for many of our younger campers. He’s mostly used in our beginner classes but does a great job for our intermediate level riders as well. Since he arrived at Miracle Ranch, he’s been a favorite horse among many of our staff and campers.

About the Campaign

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