CRISTA Camps Full-Time Staff - Girls Sitting on Bench

Find Meaningful Work: Apply Now at CRISTA Camps

CRISTA Camps is an incredible place to work; a spiritual vocation to which God calls us specially. Our aim is to love Christ through providing exceptional service, making the CRISTA Camps environment one-of-a-kind. Between adventure activities, teamwork and relationship building, we have been called to an awesome job!

Additionally, in the process of providing unique experiences to our campers and guests, our staff also experiences adventures, authentic relationships and opportunities for personal growth.

Our staff communicates Christian values through leading activities, cabin discussions, participating in programmed events and serving guest groups. Values are shared in a relational atmosphere that reflects Christ’s love in action. We choose our staff on the basis of their overall qualifications and training, quality personal references, personal commitment to Christ, genuine love for people, and willingness to serve.